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MSNBC: DHS Nixed Plan to Screen Visa Applicants’ Social Media

Right goes nuts
12/17/15 5:17:52 pm
re: #185 Decatur Deb Damn, blew my cover! Did meet Stanley Sea, and it was so much fun! She can now confirm that I am crazy, but a Democrat through and through. (and the food was good, too.)

Right wing blogs are currently going bananas over this report from MSNBC: Exclusive: Homeland Security passed on plan to vet visa applicants’ social media. This particular plan may have been rejected four years ago, but: Civil rights and privacy protections are not much of a concern to the right …

Video: Dana Loesch’s Unhinged, Totally Wrong Rant About the SB Terrorists and Social Media

12/16/15 3:56:28 pm
Man, all this talk about deli is making me hungry, and I haven't really found a good one here. There's a NY Deli, that is anything but. Really want a turkey and chicken liver sandwich on marble rye!

After GOP Debate Fear-Mongering About “Political Correctness,” SB Shooters Never Posted Jihad Messages Publicly

12/16/15 4:28:04 pm
On Twitter this morning, the anger was intense when word came out that there had been no public posts to social media. Sheer politics, they said. Obama has corrupted the FBI. But equally numerous were the Truthers, who insisted it ...
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