4 Important Takeaways From Jake Tapper’s Bizarre Dysfunctional Interview of Trump Toady Stephen Miller

209Scottish Dragon
1/08/18 11:13:26 am
re: #126 Belafon Dr Phil, quackery from Dr Oz, Jenny McCarthy and anti vaccination. Yes, Oprah is a great person. She still has some issues regarding the people whose careers she built.

I watched this earlier and have been debating with myself about whether to post it or not, because on one level it’s just more of the same from the enablers of Donald Trump. But I think there are four important points that need to be made about this grotesque …

Photo by George Etheredge for The New York Times

Breaking: The New York Times Finds Two More Women Who Say Donald Trump Kissed and Groped Them Without Consent

“I wanted to punch the screen”
410Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
10/12/16 9:09:05 pm
re: #409 Sir_Checkmate John G. Schmitz, Congressman and prominent right-wing weirdo. How weird? He was thrown out of the John Birch Society for being too radical.