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Photo of the Day: Trump and House Republicans Celebrate Destroying Health Care for Millions

Rotten old white bastards gloating
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3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Today the Republicans in the House of Representatives forced through one of the most vicious and heartless pieces of legislation in modern history, the AHCA: a bill that will strip health care away from millions of Americans, jack up the price of premiums enormously for those who can still …

New Evidence Chuck Johnson May Have Been Behind the “Pretty Little Liar - Rape Hoax” Posters at Columbia

Chuck Johnson’s awful obsession
5/30/15 9:16:35 pm
re: #417 wrenchwench Women who are raped message their assailants and tell them they love them and want to hang out? I think she's lying. This is my opinion. No, I don't hate women. By the way, when's the last ...