And Now, the Great James McMurtry in an Acoustic Guitar Sessions Mini-Concert

366Barefoot Grin
2 days, 22 hours ago
re: #304 Blind Frog Belly White I would at least spit on my palm first. Wait, what....

Here’s a live mini-concert that didn’t take place in the NPR Tiny Desk studio for a change, featuring one of America’s most gifted songwriters, James McMurtry, with his 12-string Ovation guitar, weathered voice, and an old fishing cap.

Saturday Live Music: Regina Spektor on the Late Show: “Bleeding Heart”

10/08/16 2:27:33 pm
re: #427 MsJ "What's really making my day is the way voters are reacting to GOPers who are no longer supporting Trump. " Neither Priebus nor any GOP politician should be surprised by its base's reaction to them distancing themselves ...

Tuesday Night Tiny Desk Concert: Corinne Bailey Rae

489Jay C
9/28/16 12:11:12 pm
re: #276 ObserverArt I wouldn't worry much about Chris Christie's future officeholding probabilities impacting either the state or the nation in any significant manner. He's the Governor of New Jersey, after all: most of the recent holders of that title ...

Saturday Jam: Randy Newman Talks About the Inspiration for “Losing You”

When you’re young and there’s time, you forget the past
271The Vicious Babushka
4/10/16 2:19:25 pm
re: #265 Charles Johnson Are these actual Sanders Supporters or Glenn Greenwald ratfuckers who vote 3rd party? I have been getting hit by "Sanders supporters" who turn out (after looking at their timeline) to be hardcore wingnuts.

New Year’s Eve Jam: Laura Marling, “How Can I”

I would have gone if you’d asked me to
1/01/16 12:20:30 pm
re: #218 sagehen Due to the strategic arms limitation treaties both the USA and Russia decommissioned a large number of existing warheads. We both ended up with large stockpiles of weapons grade uranium and plutonium that are already on the ...