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12/21/12 12:49:53 pm
re: #3 Gus SATIRE!!! The wife of my "independent"* friend actually tried to use the "satire" meme as a justification for her husband listening to Rush Limbaugh for nearly 2 decades. Fortunately, I wasn't there at the time. It's amazing ...

Gil Scott-Heron Visualized: ‘Where Did The Night Go’

A powerful lyric by the late jazz poet, set to video
468Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
1/13/12 10:21:35 am
re: #440 NJDhockeyfan I worked in a graphics agency, and most of it was piecework, delivered at the end of the day and needed immediately, if not yesterday. it was most always handed to someone who happened to still be ...