AFA “Repudiates” Chief Spokesman’s Racist and Anti-Gay Statements Before Hosting Israel Trip for RNC

104klys (maker of Silmarils)
1/29/15 5:31:19 pm
re: #103 Backwoods_Sleuth Yes.

In a followup to the American Family Association’s “repudiation” of raving hate-monger Bryan Fischer, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that they received a letter from the AFA trying to distance themselves from Fischer’s racist and anti-gay statements. The SPLC isn’t buying it, and neither should anyone else. The …

John Birch Society Freaking Out About Southern Poverty Law Center

2/11/13 1:15:55 pm
The irony of this JBS rant (which I am sure totally escapes them) is that for its entire 54 year existence, the Birch Society has explicitly described its perceived opponents and critics as dangerous, subversive, un-American, traitors, etc. Furthermore, the ...

SPLC: Family Research Council License-to-Kill Claim ‘Outrageous’

The SPLC lists the FRC as a hate group because it knowingly spreads false, denigrating propaganda about LGBT people
8/16/12 11:08:43 pm
re: #62 OhNoZombies! WHAT? The very first line in P&P sets the tone for the whole novel as a brilliant witticism on an entire social structure! It's hysterical! HERESY! TREASON! ARRGGHH! (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

Pamela Geller’s Offensive Anti-Muslim Ads Hit San Francisco Buses

483Patricia Kayden
8/14/12 6:52:59 pm
What's Geller's endgame? All this anti-Muslim nonsense is leading up to what exactly? As hateful as Republicans are, I cannot see the ones in Congress passing any legislation targeting Muslims. Geller must be making money from her activism. I don't ...

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s SIOA Listed As Hate Group

Anti-Muslim bloggers make the annual hate group roundup
531(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
2/26/11 10:42:35 pm
The Sandmonkey thread at Atlas Shrugs is delicious, with the Sandmonkey himself, Pamela Geller, Barry Rubin, Ramy Yaacoub, and others weighing in. Also: Apropos: