Lindsey Graham on Charleston Shooter: ‘That’s Mideast Hate’

Aw, hell no
609Eventual Carrion
6/25/15 9:50:01 am
re: #586 Dr Lizardo You gotta work the body, work the body work the body, then to the head.

The amount of idiocy and tortured rationalizations coming out of the right wing about the Charleston shootings is stunning. But I think Lindsey Graham may just win the prize today for the many layers of bigotry, stupidity and blind denial that he managed to pack into just three words: …

Rightwing meme on race

NC GOP Precinct Chairman Who Resigned Over Racist Comments: The Party Is ‘Gutless’

383klys (maker of Silmarils)
10/25/13 3:36:49 pm
re: #382 FemNaziBitch That's true. But Hollywood special effects and science don't necessarily have much to do with each other. Otherwise Mythbusters wouldn't find so much material to work with on their shows. It can be very frustrating to watch ...

Sam Tannenhaus on NPR: Why Does the GOP Continue to Be ‘The Party of White People?’

“Who needs Manhattan when we have the Southern states?”
2/12/13 10:09:00 am
One term term is the root of the GOP's ideological dilema, one term caused this mind bending swing to the right and off the road!..That term is pathological Christianity(belief). It has infected the very marrow of what at one ...

‘Heritage’ An Issue in South Carolina GOP Governor Race

6/20/10 4:49:01 am
Well, my first time commenting here ... I'm not surprised about some right wing Christians being suspicious about Haley's Sikh-ness. Many of them believe yoga, tai chi, karate, meditation and other activities that have spiritual side to them are un-Christian, ...