And Now for Something Spectacular: “Jeff’s Earth” (4K NASA Video)

1/04/17 2:03:16 pm
I went to YouTube just to read the flat-Earther comments. Because I still had some lingering faith in humanity that needed to die. Mission accomplished.

Here’s a powerfully moving super high resolution video shot from the International Space Station by astronaut Jeff Williams, to take us away from the nastiness for a few minutes. I highly recommend setting the resolution to 1440p and watching this full screen with all the lights turned off. …

Amazing Video Preview From NASA of What’s Next for the Cassini Spacecraft Orbiting Saturn

We’re going inside the D ring
3/14/14 8:14:22 pm
re: #115 sagehen In Farrah Fawcett, yeah, but not in the original Arabic name as it's not a rolling "r" sound. BTW, thanks for the suggestion about The Americans series a few weeks back. I watched all the episodes the ...
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Stunning Space Photo of the Day: The Orion Nebula in Infrared

An immense nursery for protostars
1/22/14 6:54:52 pm
Damn, reading these comments make me want to protect myself from nasty radiation that could be detrimental to my health! So, I am going to run out and see if I can by a big ol' suit lined with lead! ...