Some Ideas for Saving Twitter From Its Trolls

Trolls stink
114Bass Reeves
5/15/15 5:47:34 am
re: #112 weltallica I had to do some digging to find out what was going on, but One Angry Gamer basically came to the conclusion he wanted to, rather than what was said. The thought process he used was that ...

Here’s a good article with a list of eight ideas to Save Twitter From Its Trolls. Read the whole thing.

TPM Cafe: Of Conservative Traitors

Hell hath no fury like a tribe betrayed
2/01/11 8:26:46 pm
That was a great article. And count me in the number of people who have turned away from the new GOP's toxic mix of willful ignorance, bigotry and conspiracy peddling. Its a cynical pessimistic political tack, to demonize everything about ...

Neo-Confederates Ride to Blogger Robert Stacy McCain’s Rescue

126David IV of Georgia
10/27/09 4:04:08 pm
People who support racism, wax nostalgic about slavery and plantations and such are stupid, evil or both. Being called names by such people is a badge of honor. I don't really know much about Robert Stacy McCain, but however good ...