In Which Infamous Troll Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Michelle Fields in Cleveland

438Charles Johnson
7/21/16 2:14:02 pm
Of course Chuck would hook up with Farage. White supremacists of a feather. @GideonResnick — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) July 21, 2016

Discredited white supremacist troll Chuck C. Johnson has been hanging around the outskirts of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, sans press credentials, looking for an opportunity to make himself the center of the story as he always does. And today, since no opportunity was forthcoming, he apparently decided to …

And Now, the Chuck C. Johnson Fire Sale! Anybody Want to Buy Chuck’s “Fake Rape” Domain Names?

And he’s stalking Twitter headquarters again
1/07/16 5:01:33 am
Narcissism has become the defining characteristic of the right wing. Malignant narcissism like this ginger turdball displays appeals to the 2% of the American population that identifies as white, male, early 20's, infantile Libertarian leaning, small penis complex.....but turns off ...
Chuck C. Johnson stalking Twitter

Ouch! Chuck Johnson’s Latest Attempt to Sneak Back Onto Twitter Is Denied

That makes eight (possibly nine) suspensions for the Ginger Avenger
6/11/15 3:30:58 pm
re: #79 Lord Of The Pies unfortunately my fave falafel spot (Mama's Vegetarian in Philadelphia) will be closed tomorrow or I'd participate!

Chuck Johnson Sneaks Back Onto Twitter, Attacks @DeRay McKesson Again

He can’t help giving himself away
6/11/15 11:01:51 am
re: #279 Higgs Boson's Mate re: #280 Nyet And let's not forget about Paul Bremer--appointed the Presidential Envoy to Iraq by Bush and subject to the "authority, direction and control" Donald Rumsfeld--who within less than 2 weeks after arriving in ...

Chuck Johnson’s Last Twitter Account, @GotNewsDotCom, Is Now Suspended Too

Gone for good
5/27/15 3:12:49 am
I'm joining in the celebrations late. I'm so happy that this fiend has been permanently banned by twitter. Hopefully his Facebook account and his web server are next. Its a shame that it's taken so long.
Chuck Johnson posing in front of Thad Cohran's house

Capitol Police Detain and Question Chuck C. Johnson About Stalking Behavior

They asked him about his infamous photo in front of Sen. Cochran’s private home
3/16/15 6:49:30 pm
re: #128 Dark_Falcon He's actually the worst kind. Knows war first hand but doesn't give a shit anyway and is willing to send others kids to be maimed and killed instead of giving diplomacy a chance.

Right Wing Group Used Fake Identities to Stalk Rep. Weiner

Right wing cyberstalking revealed
6/20/11 6:49:45 am
Previously I used another fictional detective as my Internet handle. When I posted some comments on the Washington Post and elsewhere that were critical of Israeli policy, someone started signing that name to vile antisemitic remarks at Nazi web sites. ...