The Mighty Thor #133, October 1966: “Behold…the Living Planet!”

12/01/14 10:34:10 am
There's a five second shot of a black guy in the trailer. Too much for you? @jpodhoretz — aceoaces (@aceoaces) December 1, 2014

Originally published in October 1966, this issue of The Mighty Thor featured a classic Jack Kirby cover with a horde of attacking humanoids, a stoic muscular robot, and a menacing giant face emerging from a background of Kirby’s trademark power bubble matter.

Fantastic Four #45, December 1965: “Among Us Hide … the Inhumans!”

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Silver Age
12/25/12 1:10:53 pm
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Iron Man and Sub-Mariner, Issue #1

The first and only issue
7/05/11 1:42:44 am
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