Keith Jarrett Trio: Standards (1996 - Full Concert)

491Feline Fearless Leader
12/18/12 10:36:40 am
re: #489 William Barnett-Lewis

Discovered this amazing treat at YouTube - the full concert DVD of the Keith Jarrett Trio’s “Standards” concert on March 30, 1996 at Tokyo’s Hitomi Memorial Hall. This DVD is long out of print, and it’s one of the most beautiful and virtuosic sets this exceptional group has ever played. …

Keith Jarrett Trio: Last Night When We Were Young / Caribbean Sky

8/29/11 10:19:26 am
re: #492 RogueOne Uh, no. Voucher is just a certificate for a sum of money the state has to pay an institution of the person's choice. Tax money still goes to a religious institution. Clear violation of separation. I don't ...