Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

12/27/16 5:08:54 pm
I know it is a dead thread but all I want to say is Rest in Peace Ms Fisher.

Reports from witnesses on the plane where Carrie Fisher had a heart attack didn’t sound promising, and today the worst news was announced: Carrie Fisher Dies at 60. She’ll be greatly missed, not just for the memory of her ground-breaking role in Star Wars, but for her courageous and …

First Look: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Official Teaser #2

With a killer opening shot
311Clearly a Country For Sick Old Haters
4/16/15 5:49:10 pm
re: #279 Skip Intro I had not heard of Flakka. Googling it, it looks to be related to the drug called "Bath Salts" I was surprised to learn this If I ever form a band, we will be called ...