NBC Reports That Rex Tillerson Called Trump a “Moron” (Which He Is) - Tillerson Doesn’t Deny It

10/05/17 5:20:00 am
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The big news today from the Trump clown show is that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson considered quitting after Trump’s infamously ugly speech to the Boy Scouts of America, and in a meeting with Cabinet and Pentagon officials referred to the Orange Oligarch as “a moron.” Which, of course, he …

State Department issues worldwide travel alert for US citizens due to al Qaeda threat

76Blind Frog Belly White
8/02/13 1:13:32 pm
re: #57 Vicious Babushka I know what you mean, but as it turns out, my older son is homeschooled. The combo of Aspergers and extreme social anxiety made public school impossible, and the cost of any good private school made ...

And Now, the Benghazi Talking Point Bombshell That Isn’t

The only government talking points in history that were ever revised - not
5/10/13 5:05:31 pm
re: #130 lawhawk I've yet to see any evidence that the Syrian government has used them. I also have not seen the UN retract it's claim that the rebels have used them. In fact, they're saying again today that the ...

State Department Outreach to Terror Groups

5/13/08 6:46:01 pm
This is not the first time. Under Gorbachev, the State Department spent a lot of time schmoozing with Russian nationalists. Wow! Overnight, all of them dropped anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and hatred for democracy. What? They didn't? You mean . . . ...