GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Defends Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson, Denies He’s a Holocaust Denier

339William Lewis
2/02/18 4:37:16 am
re: #294 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Googled an article on it and saw this: Now that was a waste of a good pilot.

As we reported yesterday, Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz invited notorious white supremacist Holocaust denier (and infamous Rage Furby) Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, and he’s been facing quite a bit of criticism for it. But amazingly (or maybe …

Seth Meyers on Trump’s Pathetic State of the Union, as the GOP Tries to Discredit the Russia Probe

363Sionainn, the Nasty Devilbitch
2/01/18 10:45:57 am
re: #321 Citizen K If it makes you feel any better, my youngsters already know what started the Civil War and they are 11 and 13. They have fantastic teachers who add to history what is not in books as ...
Chuck C. Johnson, seen here stalking Rep. Maxine Waters on a plane as she slept

Watch Live: President Obama Delivers the State of the Union Address (Enhanced Version)

632Romantic Heretic
1/20/15 8:33:15 pm
re: #631 RealityBasedSteve I know. His True facts is always informative and hilarious. This is my favourite. Learned about mantis shrimp from one of Fred Saberhagen's Berserker stories. Always wanted to see the little psycho bastards in person.

Live Video: The 2013 State of the Union

Will Obama go big on climate change tonight?
2/13/13 6:01:24 am
I don't watch the State of the Union address anymore. Haven't for years. Why? Because no matter what the president says (on either side), Congress is going to follow its own agenda and the good ideas, if any, that the ...