Dutch Far Right Anti-Islam Demagogue Invited to Address Members of Congress

Mainstream GOP extremism
127Bubblehead II
4/08/15 4:33:31 pm
re: #116 retired cynic Canada and Australia banned him at one time iirc.
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One of the horrible political developments of the past few years has been the complete acceptance of radical anti-Muslim hatred by the Republican Party. The nastiest bigoted conspiracy theories and fear-mongering have become totally mainstream GOP positions; fantasies about shariah law taking over America, accusations of terrorist ties against innocent …

Hilarious: Daily Show Apologizes to Egypt for Bachmann, King, and Gohmert

America’s three stupidest people go on a nervous field trip
9/15/13 8:24:49 pm
re: #96 catfitz56 Update -- Correction -- the piece in Vanity Fair was nasty about Charles *Krauthammer*. Brown was nasty about Charles *Johnson* *on the chatlog* which has mysteriously disappeared from Pastebin despite being around for years. Obviously, the relationship ...
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GOP Chair Calls Out Mitt Romney — A Year And A Half Too Late

Reince is trying to keep the immigration debate from getting even uglier
53Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/18/13 1:15:30 pm
re: #52 AlexRogan No, they could do that by singleing out individual corporations. They do that already, they attack Solynedra despite it being a corporation. Lots of financial firms are as in bed with Democrats as Republicans.
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Stephen Colbert: When Steve King Compares Immigrants to Dogs, He’s Actually Complimenting Them

“The same way I’m complimenting Steve King when I call him a tool”
7/26/13 3:20:38 pm
re: #5 Shiplord Kirel In one case, as part of criminal defense discovery, I was escorted by DEA agents to a secret storage warehouse in Miami-Dade County, which contained 10 or so semi-trailers full of bales of marijuana. The bales ...
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