Monday Night Acoustic Excellence: Daniel Voth, “Trancendance”

3327-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
11/15/16 4:45:23 am
re: #101 MsJ "President Pepe", is it too soon to introduce that term, along with the phrase, "That's mighty White of you"?

Here’s an amazing piece by guitarist Daniel Voth, very reminiscent of a Steve Reich composition with its hypnotically repetitive, subtly evolving patterns.

Experience the Vastness of the Solar System: “Riding Light”

How long does it take a photon to travel from the sun to Jupiter?
9/27/15 6:03:41 pm
re: #153 Stanley Sea Toujours The "kid" and I are going down to the beach at about 10:30 EDT (10:47 is supposed to be maximum visibility here.) Relatively clear night--hope it's good--will try to take pix but it might be ...