Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) Invites Missouri Rodeo Clown to Perform His Racist Act in Texas

The state of the right
8/15/13 11:47:13 am
re: #636 Kragar They should have lived in ancient Greece. What would they have done then?
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This is the week the right wing said, “We’re all rodeo clowns now.” Capped off by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas): Stockman Invites Missouri Rodeo Clown to Perform in Texas | Congressman Steve Stockman. Yes, this is your modern Republican Party, denying the existence of racism in their ranks as they …

Ted Nugent at the SOTU? That’s Bad, but the Problem Goes a Lot Deeper

Inmates running the asylum
2/12/13 7:03:11 am
re: #87 darthstar darthstar..Yes I do see what your saying,I used to blog on NewsVine and they expect everyone to act as if their at a church social so the reality of actual conversation gets muddled at times. I realize ...
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