Steven Crowder’s Bogus “Union Thugs Attacked Me” Case: No Charges Filed

Another Breitbart/Fox-sponsored hoax expires with a whimper
3/10/13 10:55:44 am
The guy got his 15 minutes of fame in the right wing blogosphere, and that's really all that matters, right?
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Remember when right wing pseudo-comedian Steven Crowder provoked and insulted and shoved union demonstrators at the Michigan Capitol until someone took a swing at him? Remember how he used a blatantly edited video to try to push this phony story of “union thuggery,” and Sean Hannity and Fox News and …

Breitbart Blogger: CPAC Rap Video Wasn’t Racist, They Were Innocently ‘Referencing Their Pants’

Your pathetic dishonest right wing spin of the day
2/12/12 10:59:16 am
re: #73 SH1T My Conscience Says The problem with your modifier is that the New Age loons you cite aren't vying for leadership roles in the Democratic party. Look, I know you mean well, but I'm sick to death of ...
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