Saturday Night Weird French Rock Video: Von Pariahs, Skywalking

Weird but great
6/15/14 2:08:50 pm
re: #207 Dark_Falcon This reasoning is so bad it isn't even wrong. The fact that the scum of the earth will do awful things is completely irrelevant to the question of US military intervention. US military adventures need to start ...

New Music Video From Iron and Wine: “Joy”

Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess
218Feline Fearless Leader
4/15/13 12:13:06 pm
re: #203 Jolo5309 There's lots of "light" stuff that might hold their interest on the board/card game front. If they're competitive with each other there is stuff like "Kung Fu Fighting" (Card game emulating Hong Kong action film combat) that ...

Spectacular Stop-Motion Animation: My Strange Grandfather

Machines of loving grace
2/24/13 12:19:04 pm
re: #306 Killgore Trout It's stupid as fuck, but that's also a "community" page, i.e., something like one of our pages here. So it's not really something that Current TV has specifically published themselves, but just something one of their ...

Video: The Ray Harryhausen Creature List

State of the art, pre-CGI
530The Ghost of a Flea
7/01/11 11:24:31 am
re: #82 Naso Tang As a 30-someodd-year-old man who's spent half his life in South Asia, you're wrong. One ascending generation and I have family remembers that personally experienced Partition. It's hours after the discussion, so I'm not going to ...