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Breitbart Audience Reacts to Sanders’ Statement “America Was Founded on ‘Racist Principles” by Spewing Racism

Commenter: “Rejection of ‘Racism’ is civilizational suicide”
9/16/15 6:23:21 am
re: #73 HappyWarrior it's always that way. immigrant labor is always bottom-feeder labor, which means there's tremendous pressure on a group that controls the labor initially to not let the new group into the playing field. I'm a resident of ...
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In his speech to Liberty University, Sen. Bernie Sanders made the following objectively true statement: Have you ever seen a statement more tailor-made for a Breitbart “News” racism grievance fest? Well, of course, that’s exactly what happened next: Sanders: America Was Founded on ‘Racist Principles’. The article itself isn’t …

Stormfront Founder Says White Supremacists Thought Ron Paul Was ‘One of Us’

There’s a reason why Ron Paul is the favorite politician of the racist subculture
12/29/11 10:35:10 pm
re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist People do business with those that dont like them and those they dont like all the time. I did business with a fellow for a long time with little knowledge of his political views. ...

Rand Paul Assailed by Tea Partiers for Taking DC Money (But They’re Fine with Neo-Nazi Money)

7/06/10 5:16:33 am
I had not seen the original Ron Paul post where he gladly accepted money from Neo-Nazis. That has been bookmarked and will be promptly sent to anyone who tells me that Ron Paul is the only hope for the country. ...