White Supremacist Groups See Donald Trump as “Golden Opportunity” for Recruitment

Neo-Nazis and racists love the GOP’s leading candidate
12/11/15 10:59:07 pm
re: #200 WhatEVs At what point can these people be deemed mentally insane and sent to hospitals for treatment and observation? Is the answer "never until they commit violence?" If so, that is the gap in mental health America needs. ...

Here’s where US politics is in 2015: the leading presidential candidate of the Republican Party is seen as a “golden opportunity” by the nation’s white supremacist groups. For example, Stormfront, a center of racist hatred for years, is now having to upgrade their web servers to deal with the …

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Breitbart Audience Reacts to Sanders’ Statement “America Was Founded on ‘Racist Principles” by Spewing Racism

Commenter: “Rejection of ‘Racism’ is civilizational suicide”
9/16/15 6:23:21 am
re: #73 HappyWarrior it's always that way. immigrant labor is always bottom-feeder labor, which means there's tremendous pressure on a group that controls the labor initially to not let the new group into the playing field. I'm a resident of ...
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Stormfront Founder Says White Supremacists Thought Ron Paul Was ‘One of Us’

There’s a reason why Ron Paul is the favorite politician of the racist subculture
12/29/11 10:35:10 pm
re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist People do business with those that dont like them and those they dont like all the time. I did business with a fellow for a long time with little knowledge of his political views. ...

Rand Paul Assailed by Tea Partiers for Taking DC Money (But They’re Fine with Neo-Nazi Money)

7/06/10 5:16:33 am
I had not seen the original Ron Paul post where he gladly accepted money from Neo-Nazis. That has been bookmarked and will be promptly sent to anyone who tells me that Ron Paul is the only hope for the country. ...