Romney Retreats to Multi-Million Dollar Mansion to Mourn His Loss

“Who will make my peanut butter sandwiches now? Oh yeah, the maid.”
12/02/12 3:43:31 pm
Poor little rich boy. Kissing all that ass and losing every last drop of self respect and anything even remotely resembling a soul. The Empty Man still can't figure out what happened. It's simple, Mitt. You suck. Now go cry ...

Democracy Being Auctioned to the Highest Bidder

Citizens United - worst SCOTUS decision in history?
8/05/12 5:43:07 pm
Just saying... money in politics matters most when voters are ignorant. Nobody can steal your vote -- but you can not bother to vote at all, as most Americans do, or you can just give your vote away to whoever ...

Romney Decides It’s More Politically Expedient Not to Ban the Press

Making flippy floppy
7/29/12 7:18:50 pm
re: #87 Ojoe By "Herbert Hoover" I believe you mean "FDR" since after all Obama inherted a huge recession while helping the economy improve under his watch, but not able to fix things fast enough all the same. In what ...

Romney: Obama Has Let Down These Servants Who Bring Us Our Finger Food

Tone deaf to the max
317Patricia Kayden
7/17/12 1:45:21 pm
Has Romney ever explained what he'll do for the middle class? Lowering taxes for the "job creators", getting rid of business regulations and repealing "Obamacare" doesn't sound like a winning recipe. I guess if he wins, the Congressional Republicans will ...

Romney: Poor Mothers Should Be Required to Work Outside the Home

Still more stunning hypocrisy from the party that owns it
230Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/17/12 1:31:21 pm
re: #229 jytdog Why are you just continuing to ignore the context of Romney stating that he gets his information about the plight of working women from his wife, Ann Romney, who has never been employed? Ad hominem attacks are ...

Video: Romney Has Lots of Cars, but No Audience

If Romney gaffes in an empty stadium, did he make a sound?
2/24/12 10:17:54 pm
I actually voted for the Mittster in the MI GOP Primary in the last election cycle. Yikes that was a loooong time ago. He might end up winning the meaningless primary here again this time, but even if he does ...

President Obama on Super PACs: We Will Not Play by Two Sets of Rules

Citizens United stinks
2/07/12 10:10:20 pm
Obama has made clear that he would like to see SuperPACs and unlimited campaign donations be eliminated, but he also has always adhered to the mantra: Pragmatism over Dogmatism. It makes perfect sense that he would recognize the necessity to ...

Romney Slips and Tells the Truth: Politics is Only for the Rich

Only super-rich people should run for office, says super-rich candidate
1/08/12 2:23:10 pm
re: #103 publicityStunted No problem. I never agreed with him on just about everything. Just trying to put out an olive branch so to speak. That of course doesn't always work.