Now for Something Completely Weird: “What a Nice Party”

So nice
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re: #136 CuriousLurker I remember both the picture and the reporting that he wanted to be a pilot and wanted to study aviation, that usually went along with the picture, very well. Seems like a "short memory" thing rather "bad ...
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I’m not even going to try to describe this short film. Just prepare yourself to go to a very strange party.

Amazing Short Film: One Hour of San Diego Surfing Time-Collapsed to Two Minutes

Subtly surreal technique removes the time and space between the waves
5/21/14 8:45:41 pm
re: #34 Killgore Trout Michael Moore and Rand Paul are the MBF's in your little world? Remember, one of them is an elected official who, for the most part, fits in the mainstream of his party, and is one of ...
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