Video: Life Hacks From a Dystopian Future

When things fall apart
9/08/15 10:45:06 am
re: #509 blueraven Oh I see the ol' let's associate every country in the Middle East with 9/11 and hint they are all dirty terrorists and they are in this together. Then associate that all with Obama allowing 9/11 terrorists ...
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The future isn’t looking too good, folks. But Carole Ann is sharing tips for dealing with it. For now, at least.

Amazing Short Film: One Hour of San Diego Surfing Time-Collapsed to Two Minutes

Subtly surreal technique removes the time and space between the waves
5/21/14 8:45:41 pm
re: #34 Killgore Trout Michael Moore and Rand Paul are the MBF's in your little world? Remember, one of them is an elected official who, for the most part, fits in the mainstream of his party, and is one of ...
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