Breaking: Senate Passes NSA Reform Measure, Requires Warrant to Collect Metadata

No more unlimited metadata collection
47Decatur Deb
6/02/15 5:40:15 pm
re: #27 wrenchwench Who stole it from Fame.
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The Senate has just approved a bill restoring Patriot Act provisions that lapsed on Monday. The USA Freedom Act now requires the government to obtain a targeted warrant to collect metadata — a big step in the right direction.

Greenwald Hypes ‘Spectacular Multicolored Fireworks’ for a Finale, Will Reveal Names of NSA ‘Victims’

Also compares GCHQ to a “super-vicious yapping Shih Tzu”
5/27/14 7:06:07 pm
re: #85 HappyWarrior The 442nd got that apology, and those reparations. Should have been the same around 1880 for the US Colored Troops, but those reparations got lost in the mail.
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Ahead of Debate, Glenn Greenwald Spews Insults at Hayden and Dershowitz

“The most pernicious human beings on the planet”
5/02/14 3:48:16 pm
re: #194 Mattand All the updings. This business of people who are not themselves insane and/or bigoted supporting this sorry excuse for a political party because the Democrats are somehow worse is getting very hard to justify.
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New Bombshell From the Intercept: GCHQ Asked NSA for Something, We Don’t Know if They Got It

More known unknowns from Greenwald HQ
4/30/14 4:36:48 pm
You must be in complete denial of the government's role in making sure that we aren't taken by surprise again, and to be able to follow the actions of people who do not mean us well. You must think, well, ...
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Bill Gates on Edward Snowden: “You Won’t Find Much Admiration From Me”

Future of journalism flies into rage
3/13/14 10:33:44 pm
re: #113 Political Atheist It depends on the province. I'm not familiar with Panu, so I can't offer any exact advice. If he doesn't have medical insurance, he would have to pay money up front to get medical care or ...
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NSA Review Board Recommends Phone Companies Store Metadata, but Phone Companies Don’t Want the Job

A notable lack of enthusiasm from the private sector
1/15/14 6:05:47 am
re: #366 Uncle Obdicut You appear to revel in being hard to please on this. You ignored my explanation of why I refer to myself as pro gun and that you have some anti gun aspects to your position. You ...
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NPR: Snowden May Have Stolen 1.7 Million NSA Documents

The moral of this story: never give a dudebro root access
12/18/13 6:12:01 am
re: #13 spiderx Yea, he just gave documents that may or may not contain my life history to one of the more corrupt nations on the planet, where con-artists openly and arrogantly run the government. That is what I want ...
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