More ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ Sponsors: Birthers and Anti-Immigrant Militias

Deep in the weeds
1/19/13 10:39:49 am
re: #210 sattv4u2 And I got TWO for that one!! LOL

The more we look into the groups sponsoring “Gun Appreciation Day,” the more kooks and disturbing connections we find. LGF contributor Freetoken points out another sponsor with an unassuming name: the “Eidsness Community of Safety,” an Arizona survivalist-militia group. Their Facebook page links to a “sister group,” American Civil Sentinels, …

Gunman’s Aunt: Nancy Lanza Talked About Survivalism

“Prepping” for the collapse of civilization
12/17/12 8:55:07 am
re: #54 dragonath That's why you get guns: To make sure the "illegals" continue to work after the monetary system collapses, and so "real 'Mericans" can keep eating. I work with too many RWNJs, I'm starting to be able to ...