USA Today Columnist/Blogger Glenn Reynolds Suspended by Twitter for Advocating Murder of Protesters

“Run them down”
9/22/16 12:54:58 pm
re: #268 KGxvi Easy. They would just say any religion denomination that allows same sex marriage is not a true Christian religion...and is of the devil. Reason...because it is clear in their bible and in their teachings. How else did ...

Sometimes it still amazes me how extreme and hateful the right wing blogosphere has become. Today’s example: Glenn Reynolds, who has been blogging as “Instapundit” for years, suspended from Twitter for an ugly tweet advocating that motorists should run over protesters. Reynolds is a tenured law professor at the …

It’s Official: “MRA” Robert Stacy McCain Is Permanently Suspended From Twitter

2/23/16 3:00:54 pm
re: #115 The Vicious Babushka I'm in the games industry. The games industry itself is mostly fine and getting better, although we still do have a hell of a gender gap in our employees. Most game devs tend to be ...
Credit: Jaunte

“Men’s Rights Advocate” Robert Stacy McCain Suspended From Twitter

Hate-spewing far right loon gets suspended, turns into whining crybaby
612Major Tom
2/21/16 5:10:40 am
re: #600 HappyWarrior Maybe you shouldn't rush to judgment at all. Here is the FULL video of the caucus. The moment in question starts around 0:53:00 You will hear that they are asked if someone can translate and Huerta goes ...
Chuck C. Johnson with racist killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Doxes Ex-Girlfriend, Gets Suspended From Twitter

12/04/15 6:02:51 am
If by the grace of god Trayvon Martin would have been armed and stood his ground, this pile of human garbage would be six feet under and not the child just walking home from a gas station.

Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Suspended From Twitter Again For Posting Private Info

Some people never learn
10/14/14 2:14:31 pm
re: #310 TedStriker Even after Johnny Jenkins was eclipsed by Otis, Johnny remained part of the Macon R&B music scene. The Ton-Ton Macoute! album was a tip of the hat to Johnny, as the Macon Music scene morphed from R&B ...