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The Right Wing Hate Machine Goes … There

Pushing an agenda straight out of history
11/20/15 5:15:38 am
There is no patriarical head of the GOP anymore to talk the base off their cliff. There is no Reagan or even Bush Jr., who despite their shared simplistic dumbness at least had some sort of conscience in regards to ...

Yes, folks, Donald Trump, the leading GOP candidate in polling, is pushing for Muslims to be specially identified. He’s already called for suspending the First Amendment when it comes to Muslims in this country. Now, he wants them to be clearly identified. The Nazis had a thing for that. …

About Obama’s “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet” Statement; Don’t Fall for the Right’s Distortions

The rest of the story
8/29/14 7:33:00 am
I'm starting to think that conservatives are incapable of understanding or expressing anything that can't be explained in a sentence or a quick sound bite. Also, am I the only one who thinks the President looks pretty dapper in that ...

Kerry Faces the House of Representatives

367Reality Based Steve
9/04/13 6:00:21 pm
I've already seen some RWNJs starting to float the meme that since Syria isn't a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, it's perfectly legal for them to use Chemical Weapons within their own borders. Question for the Lizards, who among ...