UPDATE: DHS Investigating Altercation Between Secret Service & Photographer at Trump Rally

Violence at Trump rally under investigation
3/07/16 10:14:30 pm
re: #14 Stanley Sea My favorite part of that balloon juice post:

Following up on our coverage of the TIME Magazine photographer who was choked and body-slammed by a Secret Service agent at a Donald Trump rally in Virginia recently, today we learn that the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general will be conducting an independent investigation into the incident. Related: …

UPDATE: New Video of Photographer Choked and Body-Slammed at Trump Rally

Choked out
3/01/16 2:37:35 am
re: #223 Tricho Hi Tricho, your post sounds like a lot of well meaning people. Your tone is often applied to discussions about whether police actions or killings are excessive or not. "The perpetrator was rude!" Or, "The suspect was ...

Video: Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day

Just think, she could have been Vice President
12/21/12 8:24:27 am
I was a registered Republican for 25 years, until 2009, and I hope they heal themselves, soon. But at some point, Republicans must confront the fact, unfortunate fact as it is, that they nominated Sarah Palin for Vice President of ...

Andrew Breitbart’s Race-Baiting Fake Outrage Du Jour

Still more race-baiting from the right wing sleaze bag
204The Ghost of a Flea
10/03/11 8:43:32 pm
re: #203 ggt eh...(wiggles hand)...not so much. The French certainly like to paint that picture retrospectively, but then again they kept their colonial black subjects at considerable distance. Rather like the British, while the people of color were out of ...