Video: Ta-Nehisi Coates Gives a Powerful Keynote Speech at the INBOUND 2016 Conference

480unproven innocence
11/11/16 4:47:27 am
re: #477 VegasGolfer His rhetoric strongly indicates you are right.

It’s really worth it to set aside about a half hour to watch this. The day after the election, Ta-Nehisi Coates was scheduled to give a keynote address at INBOUND 2016 and had a speech on education already prepared. But instead of giving that speech, he spoke from the …

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Slavery Is a Love Song

The human cost
12/03/12 11:00:13 pm
re: #20 CriticalDragon1177 When you analyse the particular flavor of Libertarianism of the group of bloggers that write for the site, and also their views on the value and rights of labour in general(be it slave, indentured, poor working class, ...