Sgt. Bergdahl Returns to Army Duty, Fox News Goes Full Benghazi

Fox News, keeping wingnut dolts angry
7/14/14 3:59:22 pm
re: #60 alpuz MN was really very lucky when we just barely dodged having Emmer as our governor. He would have given Walker a run for the money. I hope WI can get rid of Walker in the next election. ...
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We have news today about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who was released by the Taliban after five years in captivity, setting off a right wing freakout that dwarfed all previous right wing freakouts: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Is Back on Regular Army Duty in Texas. This development has sent Fox …

Former CENTCOM Commander Gen. Mattis: No Evidence of Bergdahl Collusion With Taliban

Fox News smear rapidly coming unglued
6/07/14 6:38:41 pm
re: #20 Bulworth One of the soldiers who served with Bergdahl got an "other than honorable discharge". Tapper provides an example of another soldier who got such a discharge, due to adultery, to illuminate the kind of thing that results ...
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Fox’s Bergdahl Jihadi Story: “Secret Docs Based on a Purported Eyewitness” Supplied by a Shady Right Wing Group

Welcome to the 80s! It’s Iran-Contra time again!
6/06/14 1:51:43 pm
re: #328 William Barnett-Lewis I took a peek. One of the first articles was in support of the neo-Stalinist neo-fascist terrorists in Slaviansk. Sorry, one doesn't need to know more than that.
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Sarah Palin’s Hateful Word Salad of the Day

The right wing covers themselves in glory yet again
6/02/14 7:01:08 pm
Logic of the right: Our hero's fight to defend the freedoms we take for granted, like the ability to dissent and speak freely, to protest. But one is not a hero if one does so dissent, and one is certainly ...
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CNN’s Dana Loesch Spews Insults at Critics of Her Comments Supporting Desecrating Corpses

Help! I’m being persecuted by ‘pony-tailed academics!’
1/13/12 9:36:11 pm
re: #101 sizzzzlerz And even beyond that, it's a giveaway for all that hypocritical socon chest-beating about how "prolife" they supposedly are. They are "prolife" for those not born, and corporations on paper. For the already-born, anything goes. Any heinous, ...
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Pamela Geller: Obama Tipped Off the Taliban to Get SEALs Killed

Geller accuses the President of deliberately murdering American soldiers
8/08/11 1:44:57 pm
Someone shoud tell Pam that an RPG isn't a "state of the art surface to air armament", and even if it the Taliban used a shoulder fired SAM, it wouldn't need to be "state-of-the-art". A 30 year old Strella SA-7 ...
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Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’ Attacked by Christian Protesters in France

The French Christian Taliban vandalize Andres Serrano’s demonized artwork
4/20/11 7:23:40 am
Alright, that does it. My Parisian friends can no longer call the US a country full of racist religious ideologues. France seems to be taking the lead with the veil ban and now this.. :))
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