WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces He’s Going to Send More Americans to Die in Afghanistan

8/22/17 11:09:44 am
Funny but this reminds me of another revenge action by a president. Bush the Stupid attacking Iraq because they made fun of Bush the Old and Trump the Liar attacking Afghanistan because Russia got their ass handed to them so ...

Sgt. Bergdahl Returns to Army Duty, Fox News Goes Full Benghazi

Fox News, keeping wingnut dolts angry
7/14/14 3:59:22 pm
re: #60 alpuz MN was really very lucky when we just barely dodged having Emmer as our governor. He would have given Walker a run for the money. I hope WI can get rid of Walker in the next election. ...

Former CENTCOM Commander Gen. Mattis: No Evidence of Bergdahl Collusion With Taliban

Fox News smear rapidly coming unglued
6/07/14 6:38:41 pm
re: #20 Bulworth One of the soldiers who served with Bergdahl got an "other than honorable discharge". Tapper provides an example of another soldier who got such a discharge, due to adultery, to illuminate the kind of thing that results ...

Fox’s Bergdahl Jihadi Story: “Secret Docs Based on a Purported Eyewitness” Supplied by a Shady Right Wing Group

Welcome to the 80s! It’s Iran-Contra time again!
6/06/14 1:51:43 pm
re: #328 William Barnett-Lewis I took a peek. One of the first articles was in support of the neo-Stalinist neo-fascist terrorists in Slaviansk. Sorry, one doesn't need to know more than that.

New York Times: Classified Military Report Does Not Conclude Bergdahl Deserted

6/05/14 5:55:38 pm
re: #455 RealityBasedSteve Maybe we haven't officially renounced it. But the possibility of using nukes in a first strike capacity isn't something you'll hear politicians propose very often. For one simple reason, it's fucking insane.

Flashback! 1/2014: PJ Media Encourages Readers to Sign Petition to Free Bergdahl “By Any Means Necessary”

By any means necessary - including the release of the 5 Gitmo detainees
6/03/14 12:33:22 pm
re: #797 William Barnett-Lewis Most DKos frontpagers are OK. It's many of the users that are problematic.

Sarah Palin’s Hateful Word Salad of the Day

The right wing covers themselves in glory yet again
6/02/14 7:01:08 pm
Logic of the right: Our hero's fight to defend the freedoms we take for granted, like the ability to dissent and speak freely, to protest. But one is not a hero if one does so dissent, and one is certainly ...

CNN’s Dana Loesch Spews Insults at Critics of Her Comments Supporting Desecrating Corpses

Help! I’m being persecuted by ‘pony-tailed academics!’
1/13/12 9:36:11 pm
re: #101 sizzzzlerz And even beyond that, it's a giveaway for all that hypocritical socon chest-beating about how "prolife" they supposedly are. They are "prolife" for those not born, and corporations on paper. For the already-born, anything goes. Any heinous, ...

Pamela Geller: Obama Tipped Off the Taliban to Get SEALs Killed

Geller accuses the President of deliberately murdering American soldiers
8/08/11 1:44:57 pm
Someone shoud tell Pam that an RPG isn't a "state of the art surface to air armament", and even if it the Taliban used a shoulder fired SAM, it wouldn't need to be "state-of-the-art". A 30 year old Strella SA-7 ...