Video: President Obama Destroys the Absurd Conservative Talking Point About “Radical Islam”

Beautifully done
6/14/16 2:19:01 pm
re: #120 blueraven And millions of actual voters said we're ok with the Democratic party. Doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see changes but fundamental transformation...into what? Where rhetoric is all that is done, because that's all Bernie offers.

I’ve been making the point frequently at LGF and on Twitter and Facebook that the insistence by many conservatives — including Donald Trump, of course — that President Obama has to say the magic words “radical Islam” or we’ll never be able to defeat ISIS is a talking point …

ABC’s Jon Karl Posts to Twitter, Still Refuses to Retract False Story

The hole’s getting deeper
5/19/13 3:34:58 pm
re: #12 Charles Johnson "Source" is a key word here. Did Karl have a "source"? Apparently not, at least not in the sense of "journalistic source". "Propaganda source" is more like it. Jay Rosen's tweet to Charles contains the words ...

White House Email Contradicts Weekly Standard/ABC Benghazi Leaks

Disinformation from the Weekly Standard
5/14/13 3:05:53 pm
re: #151 Jolo5309 When I was working in banking many moons ago, it was explained to me that long-term embezzlement schemes need a person's presence to maintain the constructed facade -- a full, uninterrupted 1-week stretch away from the job ...