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Nebraska Court Ruling Deals Serious Blow to Keystone XL Pipeline

The state cannot use eminent domain to seize land
2/21/14 10:03:50 am
re: #3 Charles Johnson That happens to me a lot. I blame Windows 8.

Nebraska Judge Stephanie F. Stacy has struck down a law that allowed the state government to approve the route of the Keystone XL pipeline and seize property for it through eminent domain, because it violates the state’s constitution: Nebraska Judge Strikes Down Legislature’s Move Allowing Keystone XL Route. …

Washington Post: Obama to Reject Keystone Oil Pipeline

An environmental disaster that won’t happen
169Interesting Times
1/19/12 12:47:44 pm
re: #167 BigPapa Alex Jones talking points is even more appropriate. I wonder if tshinkle is a 9/11 truther as well? :P Perhaps he also participated in this lovely activity: And, like classic willfully ignorant bullies incapable of taking responsibility ...