Oregon Terrorists Convene ‘Common Law Grand Jury’ Against Local Officials

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1/25/16 8:19:31 pm
I don't see a peaceful resolution: wweek.com
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The “sovereign citizen” domestic terrorists who took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters are really getting delusional now: Armed Occupiers Convene ‘Common Law Grand Jury’ Against Local Officials. Here’s the website of the lunatic these armed crackpots chose as their “common law judge.” Note that it has all the …

Popcorn Time: Chuck C. Johnson Viciously Smears a Tea Party Heroine

He’s an equal opportunity misogynist creep
132No Country For Old Haters
1/20/15 10:36:32 am
re: #127 electrotek It would destroy their self-image as heroes if they realize that they're just the other side of the far-right-wing religious-extremist coin. Conservatism is all about fantasy role-playing. It's made up of right-wing grifters and their willfully-ignorant marks. ...
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