Texas Gov. Abbott Falls For Right Wing Conspiracy Theory, Orders Texas Guard to ‘Monitor’ Planned Military Exercises

543Feline Fearless Leader
4/29/15 12:01:28 pm
Now which pee is it in that bottle? ;P
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Alex Jones cultists have occupied Austin and taken over the governor’s mind. It should be emphasized that these orders have gone to the STATE Guard, not the Texas National Guard. The State Guard is an unpaid and usually unarmed (though officially sanctioned) volunteer militia. I’ve noticed an interesting and rather …

Popcorn Time: Chuck C. Johnson Viciously Smears a Tea Party Heroine

He’s an equal opportunity misogynist creep
132No Country For Old Haters
1/20/15 10:36:32 am
re: #127 electrotek It would destroy their self-image as heroes if they realize that they're just the other side of the far-right-wing religious-extremist coin. Conservatism is all about fantasy role-playing. It's made up of right-wing grifters and their willfully-ignorant marks. ...
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Tea Party Mounts Massive Effort to Support Crazy Neo-Confederate in Mississippi

“Do I look fringe to you?”
6/25/14 7:36:15 am
re: #103 GeneJockey On top of everything else, there's the business of closing speeds. A bicycle going with traffic, even at just 10mph, encounters cars at a 20 mph less closing velocity than a bicycle going the other way. If ...
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