Donald Trump Shuns Twitter for Tech Meeting

Chalk up another score for the vindictive thin-skinned would-be tyrant
219Stanley Sea
12/14/16 9:31:38 pm
re: #213 goddamnedfrank Creepiest photo ever. WHO DOES THIS

Donald Trump uses Twitter every day to attack his enemies, tweet lies about divesting from his businesses, and retweet white supremacists and other freakazoids, but when it came time to schedule a meeting with top tech company execs, he gave Twitter the cold shoulder. Apparently, Trump shunned Twitter CEO …

Tech Note: LGF Pages Bookmarklet, Now with Image Uploading

5/26/10 6:53:32 am
Just seeing this today and wanted to say it's great and thank you very much. Question regarding text formatting. If I look at one of your posts, say this one as an example: You've got that cool, dark background ...

Tech Note: Linkage Mutating into Diaries

5/08/10 9:51:24 pm
Here's the latest hatchet job on Obama, filled with the kind of absurd smears that get people hurt. You can read the first chapter online at Amazon. It's basically just rehashed info from the campaign carried to the extreme of ...