White Supremacist Group Sends Mass Emails Promoting Tennessee Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park

The pseudo-intellectual face of racism

There are basically two forms of white supremacism in the United States. There are the skinheads and neo-Nazis pictured above, the ugly face of overt hatred. And then there are the pseudo-intellectual apologists for the neo-Nazis. Guys who wear suits and have degrees from universities, and use them to …

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Tennessee Republicans Vote to Make the Bible the State’s Official Book

Republicans vote against the Constitution again
4/08/16 8:47:01 pm
re: #7 Decatur Deb Now come on. Everyone knows them papists ain't Christians,gawd specially they don't even folla dogma. Witch eba that may be in.

Tennessee Republican Wants Bible to Be the State Book

Anti-Constitution Republicans
2/11/15 4:56:51 pm
re: #6 Kragar Most people have never read through the entire Bible. However, most telling amongst those that have, a significant percentage of Evangelicals I've known choose to highlight the particular verses or even individual words that they themselves deem ...

Fired Radio Host Anthony Cumia Appears on White Supremacist ‘Political Cesspool’ Show

Cumia finds a new home
144Romantic Heretic
8/04/14 1:20:52 pm
re: #57 Franklin Brewsevelt Actually, that's Sun Tzu. Which is why I don't worry too much about the wingnuts. They only know how to start a war, not how to win one.

Rand Paul Shares His Opinion on Marriage Between Species (We Think He’s Against It)

“Does it have to be humans?”
573Charles Johnson
6/27/13 11:09:10 am
re: #572 RemainCalm "Libertarian heartthrob" means he's the heartthrob of libertarians. But trying to claim that Rand Paul isn't a libertarian himself is just as laughable as his "sarcasm" excuse. He's very much a combination of far right paleo-conservative and ...

Anti-Muslim Activists Take Aim at TN Gov. Haslam Hire, #FAIL

Frank Gaffney and the Tea Party bigot brigades have been at it again
48Patricia Kayden
6/13/12 5:48:56 pm
"The groups depict Ali as an Islamic fundamentalist with close ties to President Barack Obama." So having close ties to the President of the U.S. makes one unqualified or suspect? Crazy folks. Poor Ms. Ali. I hope my Muslim family ...

TN Bill Mandates Publication of Names of Abortion Doctors and Patients

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights
3/23/12 5:40:01 am
re: #409 docproto48 This was my thought, too. The proposed law would probably be preempted by the federal HIPAA law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

TN GOP Rep. Nicely: Einstein Would Be in Favor of Teaching Creationism

The Republican Party’s total war on science
484Achilles Tang
4/15/11 8:33:18 pm
re: #480 marjoriemoon You get upset easily it seems. Nobody knows a state senator unless, maybe, it's their own. State senator does not trump state governor and he has no strength other than being, perhaps, a nice guy with no ...

GOP Creationists Pass Anti-Evolution Bill in Tennessee

The Republican Party’s total war on science
4/11/11 8:22:00 am
re: #5 Obdicut Exactly what I was going to comment on. I was in grade school and I remember CFCs being banned was about the ozone layer. Why bother when facts when you can just make shit up and not ...