Donald Trump Silent on Terror Attack Against London Muslims

His silence speaks volumes
6 days, 17 hours ago
re: #133 Ace-o-aces ReplyReply w/ Quote 1) jonathantilove‏ @JTiloveTX really needs to learn how to thread a tweet. It's 2017 and you're a freakin' journolist. Come on man, get with the program. 2) Alex, it's four and a half years ...

We all know that Donald Trump is recklessly quick to try to capitalize politically on terror attacks by Islamic extremists anywhere in the world. Yet, for some odd reason, he also consistently fails to even mention it when right wing extremists commit acts of terror and mass murder — like …

Rupert Murdoch Holds All Muslims Responsible for Charlie Hebdo Attack

Rotten from the head down
1/10/15 6:22:03 pm
re: #9 jaunte Well, actually, they're both Muslim. The "No True Scotsman" logic is not allowed, here. The Rev. Jim Jones was a Christian. Not a good one, but he was one. Muslim public opinion and leadership has in fact ...

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Sympathizes With Paris Terrorists

An ugly gloating statement
1/07/15 7:10:06 pm
re: #342 bratwurst The very, very first thing that I thought of when I saw "Pocketful of Liberty" were these lyrics from Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade": They rally round the family With a pocket full of shells ...

Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Kenya Terror Attack on Twitter

Islamic extremists use Twitter to announce mass murder
9/22/13 11:39:08 am
re: #101 CuriousLurker Since the terrorist act was spearheaded by a woman, likely a niqaabi, are you still going to defend niqaabis when majority of them have fantasies of fighting the evil "kuffaar"? Somalis in Minneapolis have done a piss ...

Candy Crowley Interjects: Obama ‘Did in Fact’ Say Libya Attack Was Terrorism

451Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/17/12 2:50:09 pm
re: #448 lostlakehiker The logic of "The assault worked, therefore it must have been planned for days" doesn't really work. They were attacked by guys who had experience in fighting. I really don't think the concept of "go to this ...