Trump Releases List of “Unreported” Terror Attacks, Many of Which Were Front Page News

And it’s full of misspelled words
2/06/17 9:56:34 pm
re: #194 ObserverArt Yay--thank you--thank you--it worked!

Well, today’s craziest blatant fear-mongering lie from Donald Trump and his gang of hapless clowns is that the media are deliberately failing to cover numerous terror attacks. (An accusation that may have come directly from Alex Jones.) When Trump spokeshole Baghdad Sean Spicer was confronted about this ridiculous claim …

Hate-Monger Fjordman Back to Writing After Breivik Furor Declines

The eternal darkness of the bigot mind (or, Robert Spencer as the Walrus)
115Charles Johnson
10/27/11 6:07:07 pm
re: #111 Peter_P3 Maybe you should make the effort to think for yourself, and actually read what Jensen writes. Or maybe you agree with his white nationalist hate speech.