Blogger Linked to Chuck Johnson’s Crusade Against Thad Cochran Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison

660Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/16/15 3:53:37 pm
re: #658 originalben Try the Anchor IPA.

Far right blogger Clayton Kelly, an associate of cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson in his crusade to smear Sen. Thad Cochran in Mississippi, has now been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for conspiring to take video of Cochran’s wife as she lay bedridden in a nursing …

Blogger Connected to Chuck Johnson’s Crusade Against Thad Cochran Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Chuck’s friends taking the fall
6/09/15 12:48:36 am
I am not at all surprised that GOP racism gets a pass from the modern media. The sad truth is that there are more quietly racist white people than anyone wants to believe. A lot of good, blue collar Democrats ...

Racist Pig Rush Limbaugh: “Uncle Toms for Thad”

Totally open right wing racism
289De Kolta Chair
6/26/14 8:27:52 am
"The average Limbaugh listener is rural and sixty-nine. The country is changing in a lot of ways, and what those people are fed is a steady diet of grievance and anger." -- Steve Schmidt, John McCain's chief strategist in 2008, ...

In Mississippi Runoff Election, Tea Party Nutjobs Plan to “Monitor” for Voting Fraud

Obsessed with a crime that does not exist
6/24/14 1:41:28 pm
re: #83 Charles Johnson What a family. They must have been real big on building their kids self confidence and worth to the point of creating big-head-ego-monsters. Can you imagine a party at the Martin house?