Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz Are Openly Advocating for a Theocratic Government

The state of Republican politics
7/10/15 6:14:09 am
re: #17 Charles Johnson Or, try being a Greeter, at a Big Box like HD, in Lynchburg, VA. Its great but scary..in a good way. 'Have you been saved?', 'god will be bringing his wrath on our country', etc..etc

Separation of church and state? Are you kidding? Get out of here with that antiquated nonsense! What was Thomas Jefferson thinking, anyway? In 2015, the leading Republican candidates for president of the United States are going all out for the evangelical vote, and they’re openly advocating for a theocratic …

Rick Santorum: Separation of Church and State Is a Communist Idea

Thomas Jefferson, the original commie
12/03/14 10:47:08 am
By the way, I wonder how Rick Santorum would explain article 11 of the treaty of Tripoli which was written long before Marx even came up with the idea of communism. The Barbary Treaties 1786-1816 Treaty of Peace and Friendship, ...

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Slavery Is a Love Song

The human cost
12/03/12 11:00:13 pm
re: #20 CriticalDragon1177 When you analyse the particular flavor of Libertarianism of the group of bloggers that write for the site, and also their views on the value and rights of labour in general(be it slave, indentured, poor working class, ...

Angle: BP’s $20B Escrow Fund a ‘Slush Fund’

7/09/10 9:03:58 am
re: #114 abdul abulbul amir CRA failures were no worse than non-CRA failures. In fact, recent reports are that failures of lower income people are at LOWER rates than those for higher incomes. I submit that if CRA was to ...

Sharron Angle Goes on Walkback

6/30/10 1:49:56 pm
Unless you pray loudly in public, and make loud protestations of your faith in public and attempt to make the tenets of your particular faith law then obviously you aren't a serious Christian. Nevermind Matthew 6:5-7 Jesus said we should ...