Photo credit: Matt Price, Fairview

Deplorable: 69-Year Old Woman Punched in the Face by Trump Supporter at Asheville NC Rally

Trump is inciting this violence with his demagoguery
548Anymouse 🌹
9/14/16 10:50:54 am
re: #547 lawhawk I have the greatest BS! Tremendous!

We had video last night of a Trump supporter assaulting several protesters at his rally in Asheville, North Carolina, but today the full story of the violence at this rally is coming out, including a report that one of Trump’s thuggish fans punched a 69-year old woman in the …

Video: Donald Trump Openly Calls for More Violence Against Protesters at His Rallies

Explicitly inciting his followers to attack protesters
195Big Beautiful Door
3/11/16 12:15:20 pm
re: #166 No Depression Hillary may not be perfected, but she is smart, she works hard, she is extremely well prepared, and she is on the right side of the issues. No other candidate in the race is remotely as ...