Incredible Video From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: A 5-Year Time-Lapse of the Sun

2/12/15 6:45:57 pm
re: #151 William Barnett-Lewis No, that was the New England Patriots beating on the Denver Broncos like a rented mule. It was one of the Bill Belichick - Tom Brady one-sided playoff massacres and his inability to move the football ...

Stunning Australian Time-Lapse Short: “First Footprints”

Some of the best time-lapse footage I’ve seen
7/14/13 8:05:29 pm
re: #322 William Barnett-Lewis I know what you mean. I was married for seven years before I got pregnant. When my husband and I thought we were unable to conceive, we started looking into adopting. After doing some research, we ...