Todd Akin Tells World Net Daily the Media Makes Fun of Him Because They Want to Destroy America

The wingnuttiest
7/24/14 1:59:11 pm
re: #79 Skip Intro Oh yeah, cause switching from one aspect of something they totally don't get and don't really care about (women health in particular and women in general) to another aspect of said something is bound to work ...

RightWingWatch has been keeping track of Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin as he goes from one far right media outlet to the next, pushing a line of persecution and victimhood that would embarrass a spoiled five-year old. Akin is doubling down on his creepy misogynistic statements by claiming the evil …

Missouri Caveman Todd Akin Arrested in 1987 With Radical Anti-Abortion Group

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10/22/12 1:42:34 pm
Type 59s are also quite small compared to the M-1 and actually get higher gas mileage (not kidding). I'd be like buying low-powered Smartcars instead of GTOs. You'd have to be French-Canadian to do that. (that last is kidding.)

Science Committee Member Broun: Evolution, Embryology, Big Bang Are ‘Lies From the Pit of Hell’

The GOP puts young earth creationists in charge of science
10/06/12 1:41:19 pm
re: #62 lawhawk Nah. Succubi are demons (pardon me...tanar'ri) and live in the Abyss and surrounding planes. A succubus who showed up in the Hells (excuse me...Baator) would be torn to pieces by devils (sorry...baatezu).

Huckabee Rallies Missouri Pastors to Caveman Todd Akin’s Side, GOP Promises to Back Down

Right wing fanatics dig in to support hateful loon
8/30/12 6:38:22 am
In 5 years or less, unless the republican leaders decide to sever ties with the American Taliban, this country will have 2 parties, the religious conservative and the democrats. The republicans who love their party must know that they need ...

Romney Tells Interviewer: No Questions About Abortion or Todd Akin

Anything he says can and will be used against him
8/23/12 6:37:12 pm
Perhaps Romney -- channeling Todd Akin's ignorance about the human body -- believes that the human brain shuts down when confronted with the stress of questions that it is not equipped to process.

Religious Right Rallies for Missouri Caveman Todd Akin

Their kind of candidate
8/23/12 7:16:18 pm
re: #103 Daniel Ballard If you haven't yet read it, I suggest Diane Ravitch's book The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education. She does a good job examining how NCLB, ...

Video: Rachel Maddow Digs Into the Origins of Todd Akin’s Weird Biology

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8/23/12 9:10:56 am
Curious -- I wonder if Akin was either "home schooled" or attended private religious school because his parents did not want him to be exposed to the evils of sex education.

Todd Akin’s Comments Symptomatic of Bigger Problems For GOP

Not isolated.
8/23/12 1:33:12 pm
re: #130 Buck Even if you want to claim that forcible rape is not a new category, Ryan, Akin and GOPers are trying to use that to restrict access to abortion, leaving statutory rape victims out of luck. The FBI ...

GOP Denounces Todd Akin, but Enshrines His Caveman Views in Their 2012 Platform

Who do they think they’re fooling?
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8/22/12 12:01:03 pm
re: #13 Lidane He's a liar because I went to the Iowa State website, typed in "multicultural" and didn't get any groups popping up. I went to the multicultural student section and couldn't find any groups. I then searched for ...

Paul Ryan Running Away From Todd Akin

18Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
8/22/12 11:36:54 am
re: #15 Kragar Spiro Agnew, 1972, but probably written by William Safire. Safire and Patrick Buchanan were the brains behind many of Agnew's famous droplets of alliterative wisdom, including "impudent corps of effete snobs" and "hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history." ...

Palin Reacts to Akin Flap With Bizarre Disconnected Rant

“I know when you have to hold that mantle and then pass it to someone else to progress a positive agenda”
8/22/12 7:03:51 pm
re: #404 lawhawk Well, I know I can't text while walking now. I'm liable to fall into a 6-foot-deep ditch or walk into a 4-foot-tall pile of gravel.