Just One Victory

819Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
12/13/17 12:02:18 pm
re: #793 HappyWarrior My buddy used to be in charge of entertainment at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff in the 80's. They hosted a then relatively unknown comic, Jerry Seinfeld. After the show, he asked if Jerry would like to ...

It just seems appropriate somehow that Todd Rundgren play the theme song for this evening.

Incredible Full Concert: Todd Rundgren With Amsterdam’s Metropole Orchestra 2012

An absolutely amazing show
208Stanley Sea
3/01/15 6:58:04 pm
re: #205 sagehen I'm so impatient for the west coast show. I did read a spoiler this week, actually it's the comic book, so the question is whether the show will follow it. But there's another really bad man on ...

Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren: “Wait for Me”

Midnight hour almost over
6/28/14 4:38:33 pm
re: #302 Stanley Sea Found sources from 1979 that related to the to-do between a drunken Elvis Costello and Bonnie Bramlett where 24 yr old punker (at the time) EC evidently referred to Ray Charles and James Brown as n*****s. ...