Headline of the Day: Tom Tancredo to Smoke Pot

“Illegal immigration? Oh, that’s cool, man, no worries.”
141Ian G.
1/25/13 6:56:23 am
re: #122 Vicious Babushka What is it with Chicago now being the wingut borg's go-to hellhole? Just because Obama is from there? I mean, you could easily pick other cities that are in far worse shape (Detroit?) and run by ...
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I’m in favor of this becoming a trend among far right conservative politicians; we just might see a big attitude improvement: Tom Tancredo to Smoke Pot.

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo to Address White Supremacists

What right wing racism?
42Patricia Kayden
6/20/12 1:40:50 pm
Again, Republicans prove that they are completely comfortable with racists. It may even be a plus for them to hang out with open racists. Reporters need to start asking Romney about his fellow GOPers. If Dems were openly racist, President ...
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The Tom Tancredo-Robert Spencer-Pamela Geller Convergence

Daily Caller endorses the Bigot Brigade
450The Ghost of a Flea
9/29/11 4:39:36 pm
re: #430 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Late to the discussion I know, but: TPs, assorted moonbats, and young angry lefties share a sense that they're entitled to their anger, and that part of that entitlement is the target of their anger has to ...
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