Headline of the Day: Tom Tancredo to Smoke Pot

“Illegal immigration? Oh, that’s cool, man, no worries.”
141Ian G.
1/25/13 6:56:23 am
re: #122 Vicious Babushka What is it with Chicago now being the wingut borg's go-to hellhole? Just because Obama is from there? I mean, you could easily pick other cities that are in far worse shape (Detroit?) and run by ...

I’m in favor of this becoming a trend among far right conservative politicians; we just might see a big attitude improvement: Tom Tancredo to Smoke Pot.

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo to Address White Supremacists

What right wing racism?
42Patricia Kayden
6/20/12 1:40:50 pm
Again, Republicans prove that they are completely comfortable with racists. It may even be a plus for them to hang out with open racists. Reporters need to start asking Romney about his fellow GOPers. If Dems were openly racist, President ...

The Tom Tancredo-Robert Spencer-Pamela Geller Convergence

Daily Caller endorses the Bigot Brigade
450The Ghost of a Flea
9/29/11 4:39:36 pm
re: #430 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Late to the discussion I know, but: TPs, assorted moonbats, and young angry lefties share a sense that they're entitled to their anger, and that part of that entitlement is the target of their anger has to ...

Hey, Who Let Those Neo-Nazis In Here?

5/23/10 11:45:37 am
I called one of his friends (Ciaran Palmer) out on the facebook page yesterday. She started sprouting off all sorts of hate-speech. "Seperation and Segregation" "This is War"....nice warm and fuzzy stuff. She also stuck up for Smeriglio. Said he ...

Chris Matthews and Tom Tancredo Promote ‘Intelligent Design’ Creationism

5/07/09 1:40:15 pm
re: #666 Jim D I have no idea what any organized camp (Discovery institute?, whatever that is?) says. But it shouldn't be so difficult to underestand that science can never answer the question WHY. WHY is a philosophical question. Always ...