Tommy Emmanuel’s Beautiful New Version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

If happy little bluebirds fly
197unproven innocence
4/13/14 10:45:12 am
re: #93 Charles Johnson Re: Heartbleed As a public service, I'd like to critique a bit of NSA-speak: "Capital One uses a version of encryption that is not vulnerable to Heartbleed." --not that I'm singling them out, just an example. ...

Friday Night Acoustic: Tommy Emmanuel, “Drivetime”

With bonus libertarian slap-fight
627Dr Lizardo
3/01/14 12:24:57 pm
re: #626 Fairly Sure I'm Still Obdicut I know it would. It's a Catch-22, and I don't envy President Obama, or SecDef Hagel, or Chancellor Merkel right now, because Putin's actions have likely given the Western leaders a king-sized migraine ...

Tuesday Night Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Emmanuel, Train to Dusseldorf

So good
11/27/13 12:23:37 pm
re: #213 Justanotherhuman Derek is well respected among his peers (some of whom wish they had his chops). The buzz around Derek from a very early age has always been, "wow have you seen this kid play the guitar? He's ...

Saturday Acoustic Virtuoso: Tommy Emmanuel, “Halfway Home”

So good he’s a little scary
11/10/13 7:57:55 pm
re: #221 Dark_Falcon Translation: "Reagan is my superhero, and I will not believe anything bad about him. Even if virtually everyone, including other Republicans, admits that Reagan was pandering to states rights racists." If you knew ANYTHING about Miss., you'd ...