Chuck C. Johnson with racist killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

Grotesque Photo of the Day: Chuck C. Johnson Hanging With George Zimmerman

Two horrible people on a date
11/10/15 9:12:08 pm
Please don't let them have a baby together.

Welp, here’s one of the ugliest images I’ve seen so far this year, as cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson poses with his arm around the racist killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. This is exactly the kind of person Chuck admires: a guy who murders a black teenager and gets away …

Making Trayvon’s Skittles and Ice Tea Criminally Suspect

Jim Hoft not only falls for the stupidest speculation on the net, his sources are racist rags, citing other racists secondhand
7/20/13 9:43:43 pm
re: #35 makeitstop Me too. I saw it long ago, from a loving father, a Dartmouth man for heavens sake. I had hoped that by today, my large family would have all joined in the really is like a ...

Robert Zimmerman: “We have concerns about having our phones tapped by the administration”

George Zimmerman’s brother dons his tinfoil hat
7/18/13 4:14:23 pm
re: #95 Wargala Why do you think I think it's about race? I think the one who did the stalking, the talking to the dispatcher, the holding of the gun, and the shooting of the gun is responsible. Perhaps it ...

DOJ Sets Up Email Tip Line in Zimmerman Case, Right Wing Bloggers Go Batshit

Yes, it’s another unison freakout in Wingnut World
7/17/13 9:12:50 pm
The Shrieking Harpy is not only lionizing Zimmerman, but she's working really hard trying to pain Trayvon as a drug addicted gangster. Seriously, she's saying that Trayvon bought the Skittles to make drugs. At least Spencer mostly sticks to Islamophobia. ...’s Lee Stranahan Outs Sexual Abuse Victim

How low will they go?
439Feline Fearless Leader
7/18/12 2:14:48 pm
re: #435 wrenchwench THAT'S IT!! There's who will get the profit out of playing "The Producers" model with the GOP campaign to see it fail miserably. Four more years of easy pickings on what to rant about and get and ...

Witness Says George Zimmerman Harassed Him With Racist Jokes (Audio)

“Achmed the terrorist”
42unproven innocence
5/19/12 2:51:49 pm
re: #41 BlazerBeav I concede that Trayvon likely died within seconds of being shot, and may not have bled much. My point was that according to "witness 3" they [police] arrived "literally like 5 seconds too late --like right after ...