Donald Trump yukks it up with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office (Credit: Russian news service TASS)

CNN: Comey Was Fired Because He Was Stepping Up the Investigation Into Trump’s Russian Ties

Trump follows up by inviting the Russian ambassador to the Oval Office
280Eventual Carrion
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re: #250 calochortus Forget it, she's on a roll!

Would you be surprised to learn that Trump’s stated reason for firing FBI director James Comey was yet another lie? The idea that the director of the FBI should swear an oath of personal loyalty to the president is outrageous and un-American, of course, but then that also describes …

New From Keith Olbermann: Which of Trump’s Cronies Will Flip on Him First?

Could turning on Trump be the only way out of jail for some of these guys?
3/27/17 9:44:14 pm
re: #271 Backwoods_Sleuth So now the yam is going to florduh in the middle of the week? Not just on the weekends? Will somebody please let him know that the capital is DC, NOT Mar-a-gaudy.

The Confederate Flag Is Coming Down, but South Carolina Doesn’t Deserve Congratulations

It was a deliberate insult to the civil rights movement
7/09/15 5:25:13 pm
re: #277 steve_davis There's a depth of insult I try not to tolerate. I developed it when the same sorts of things were tossed out about the Clinton's daughter.

Fred Kaplan at Slate: Edward Snowden Doesn’t Deserve Clemency

What to do with Edward Snowden should the Russians spit him out
1/03/14 5:15:38 pm
I lost any respect for Snowden once he landed in Hong Kong, and called it a bastion of free speech and liberty. I knew then he was a ignoramus, not just about Hong Kong's history and current situation as part ... President Obama Is Committing Treason

9/17/12 5:44:33 am
It's worth noting that the the title of that article is a reference not only to the original, but to the "Update", None Dare Call It Treason: 25 Years Later, which argued that glasnost, perestroika , and the incipient collapse ...