The Confederate Flag Is Coming Down, but South Carolina Doesn’t Deserve Congratulations

It was a deliberate insult to the civil rights movement
7/09/15 5:25:13 pm
re: #277 steve_davis There's a depth of insult I try not to tolerate. I developed it when the same sorts of things were tossed out about the Clinton's daughter.

Fred Kaplan at Slate: Edward Snowden Doesn’t Deserve Clemency

What to do with Edward Snowden should the Russians spit him out
1/03/14 5:15:38 pm
I lost any respect for Snowden once he landed in Hong Kong, and called it a bastion of free speech and liberty. I knew then he was a ignoramus, not just about Hong Kong's history and current situation as part ... President Obama Is Committing Treason

9/17/12 5:44:33 am
It's worth noting that the the title of that article is a reference not only to the original, but to the "Update", None Dare Call It Treason: 25 Years Later, which argued that glasnost, perestroika , and the incipient collapse ...