Twitter Promises “Urgent” Action to Make the Social Network a “Safer Place”

Suggestion: start by getting rid of the Nazi infestation
296Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
1/31/17 7:36:21 am
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I almost hate to write this article because I’ve been let down so many times by Twitter’s unfulfilled promises to deal with the trolls and Nazis and terrorists who use the service to advance their twisted goals. But Twitter’s vice president of engineering, Ed Ho, posted a series of …

Stanford Computer Scientists Develop “Troll-Spotting Algorithm,” Explodes When Analyzing

Using Breitbart as a test bed calls their results into question
4/11/15 4:14:30 pm
re: #279 Dark_Falcon It would have been a mistake to run even if the cop had been a decent fellow. A decent cop of the same build and age as Slager would have had no great difficulty keeping pace with ...