The President-Elect of the US Just Agreed to Settle a Fraud Case for $25 Million

Why isn’t this the top story everywhere?
11/20/16 7:46:57 pm
re: #383 Grunthos the Flatulent I feel guilty cause I laughed.

You have to wonder why this isn’t front page news in every newspaper and on every cable news channel in America. It seems, well, kind of important that a president-elect who publicly swore he’d never settle this case just agreed to pay $25 million freaking dollars to settle a …

Alex Jones Equates Trump University Judge to “A Hispanic KKK Grand Dragon”

6/06/16 2:21:12 pm
re: #120 EPR-radar After he had CLEARLY stated earlier in the campaign that he would not vote for her. In the end he did and justified it by saying he didn't know who she was. But collective lizard memory is ...

Trump Triples Down on Racist Attack Against “Trump University” Lawsuit Judge

This is why the right wing base loves him
6/04/16 5:51:21 pm
re: #195 Kragar What's worse, is that a significant percentage of Americans, probably around 20-25%, look forward to such an Armageddon scenario... Their manufactured and completely man-made End-Times myth. Trump is their man.
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In San Diego Speech, Trump Personally Attacks Judge in Trump U Case as “Mexican”

And the crowd booed
5/29/16 9:02:50 am
re: #235 gocart mozart I saw that a couple of months ago courtesy of another tweep. In fact, the Senior Dads commented on it: (In spoiler tags, for obvious reasons)