Video: Stephen Colbert on the Trumpcare Nightmare

The GOP just kicked America in the balls
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re: #295 Backwoods_Sleuth Everyone who ever got adult-onset epilepsy didn't take care of themselves or didn't have insurance. (Epilepsy gets you thrown off both health and life insurance. For now the VA has me covered but I have to save ...

Stephen Colbert’s monolog about the House Republicans’ disgusting vote for Trumpcare yesterday is funny, but this is very dark humor indeed, finding ways to be funny about what’s simply nightmarish.

Bannon Ordered the House Freedom Caucus Loons to Vote for Trumpcare. It Didn’t Go Over Well.

“This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice.”
3/26/17 3:52:14 am
re: #24 BlueGrl21 Ask them where they get their health insurance. If they get their health insurance through their employer they are a hateful, ignorant, narcissistic, sociopath.

WATCH LIVE: Baghdad Sean Spicer Desperately Tries to Spin the Failing Trumpcare Vote

3/24/17 1:19:22 pm
Anyone know whats up with this Montgomery memo? I mean, Larry Klayman and NewsMax, so the default assumption is it's total bullshit. Also, supposedly he goes to Chuck Grassley (the, you know, Republican head of the Senate Intel Committee) with ...

Trumpcare Is a Massive Scam to Redistribute Wealth From the Poor to the Very Rich

Villains are in charge of the US
3/13/17 8:13:22 pm
re: #29 EPR-radar re: #22 nines09 " You can always say that if Paul Ryan happened to be choking to death on a chicken bone, you would walk to get help. Let me check my Google map....hmmm......ok...there is a clinic ...